About Our Coffee Website

Vinny Drinking CoffeeLike I have said on a few other pages my name is Vinny and I am a coffee drinker. Actually I am a coffee lover, I have tried many flavors over the years and I have become a coffee expert.

It is not all that unfamiliar to have a few friends over and have a cup of coffee that I picked up from somewhere in the world while on my many travels.

After years of dabbling on the internet I decided to make a site about something that is near and dear to me and that just happens to be coffee.

What You Will Find On This Site About Coffee

Since I have learned a lot about such things as the proper way to make coffee you will see a wide variety of topics from what are the best beans to how to buy a coffee maker. If you like coffee speak up on the coffee forum.

I am not a writer by trade so please forgive any spelling or typos as I try to teach others what I have picked up over the years.

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