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Cuisinart/Keurig One-Cup versus Soda Stream

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I have mentioned I am a coffee fanatic and really only drink water, coffee, ice tea and an occasional glass of wine or two. Yes, my beverage roster is pretty limited.

I use my Cuisinart/Keurig every day (all day) to brew coffee but I also brew iced tea with it and I love it.

On a recent trip to Costco my hubby was mesmerized by a demonstration of the Soda Stream, a machine that lets you make your own soda and carbonated beverages. I don’t drink soda or carbonated beverages, so I wasn’t interested. All I could think is, “Do we really need yet another contraption that makes something specific that I don’t really don’t want and will end up at our next yard sale?” Not really.

But the hubby is highly-susceptible to those damn samples and demos and really thought this was a great idea – maybe because he is a big soda drinker.  But, I was also remembering the 50 freezer-burned burritos he had to have from Costco after sampling them. I had to throw about 47 of them out. I was not interested in going down that wasteful path again.

But playing to my personal interests, part of his fast-talking pitch was that there were also several iced tea flavors available from Soda Stream. So after listening to his lengthy pitch (saves money, better for the environment, less recycling of cans and plastic bottles, less lugging of heavy soda up three flights from the store, etc.) and finally making through the huge 25-minute checkout line and to the cashier I pleaded, “Just run and get it if you want it.” I think I just wanted to get out of that overly-crowded warehouse store.

As soon as we got home, the hubby set up his new toy. He made some diet root beer and really enjoyed it.  I decided to try some making some peach iced tea that was included in the sample pack of flavors.  Honestly, it just wasn’t for me. Maybe it was the carbonation. Maybe it was the syrupy flavor. I like my iced tea with no sugar. But in any case, I haven’t touched that machine since. Although, it seems to be getting a work out from my other half.

So, I’ll just stick with my Cuisinart/Keurig one cup brewer for all my coffee and ice tea needs.  Truthfully, it really wasn’t even a fair fight.

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  • Vinny

    I am a big fan of if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I see these new pod coffee machines all the time and I have been tempted to switch but I am happy with the Keurig system I have also.

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