Kona Coffee

Ever Run Out Of Coffee

This morning I woke up to a scary nightmare, I was down to my last 2 cups of coffee. As you guys know I am a K-Cup up user. I would’ve sworn I had the whole other box here, I guess I was wrong.

Normally I have 15 to 20 boxes in the house all times but I guess I just haven’t ordered lately. It is my own fault, I keep saying I’m going to order by always forget. I used to be on the automatic delivery at Green Mountain has on their website but I found it slightly expensive. Even though they offer free shipping on four boxes, it is still more than you would pay if you went to Amazon or an online coffee store. The only convenience is that you never run out of coffee if you order the right amount.

I have been slowly using my boxes up because they take up too much space and it is a pain to open the box and only have 18 or 24 K-cups in there. What I have been doing lately is ordering boxes from Amazon in a 50 count box. Since I have Amazon prime I usually don’t pay for shipping either. Sometimes if I’m in Costco’s or BJ’s I will pick up a large box. I have less boxes all over the place, and my kitchen seems to be cleaner and less cluttered. I go back and forth from ordering Green Mountains breakfast blend and the donut shop K-cups from the coffee people.

I like the breakfast blend slightly more but I really can’t tell them apart. This makes it easy on me as I can always find a box of coffee that I like. Usually in my coffee is a splash of milk, and two spoons of sugar. I have been cutting down my sugar a lot lately it used to be 3 teaspoons of sugar. I really need to cut back on the coffee I’m drinking, since I’m trying to lose weight.

A few weeks ago we bought an elliptical machine and I’ve been working out everyday. I am not sure if the caffeine I have been taking in has had any effect on my diet, but I’m sure it isn’t helping. A few weeks ago I got on the scale and was 14 pounds heavier than I thought it was so something has to be done about that. I’ve read a couple places online where people have switched to decaffeinated coffee and lost weight but I’m not sure about that. It is something I will look into though, as every little bit helps.

While I’m on the subject of K cups I have to say I’m not happy with my Keurig brewer at the moment. This is my third or fourth Keurig coffee maker that I have had in the last three years. It seems like after a year just as the warranty is starting to go it breaks down. The coffee maker I have now was a replacement for the one they sent me last April. I am seriously thinking about switching to the coffee pod system as my buddy raves about his Tassimo.

The Tassimo coffee pods seem to be a lot smaller than the K-cups and cost about the same. I haven’t seen the Tassimo in action yet, so maybe I’m due to go my buddies house and see his. I have seen Peter Shankman on Twitter raving about his Tassimo I will have to ask him which machine he has before I buy one.

Is anyone else having problems with their Keurig brewer lately. My current brewer is the B 70 model and it is my second one. We upgraded from the B 40 which was one of the loudest coffee brewers ever. I couldn’t wait to get rid of that machine, it woke up my whole family every morning I turned on and made a cup of coffee. I don’t miss those days all.

I would like to hear from you. How do you make your coffee and what system do you use?