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Keurig Brewer Exit Needle Cleaning

From time to time we have had issues with our Keurig only brewing a half cup and we usually fixed it by using a paper clip in the needle on the brewer. Today we had a new issue where the machine was using a full cup of water from the tank but still only brewing a 1/4 cup of coffee.

To be honest it has been driving me crazy since I knew the machine was getting enough water and the coffee maker would brew a full cup of water when there was no k-cup in it. I was thinking maybe I got a bad bunch of k cups or something but that wasn’t the case. Our problem was the exit needle was clogged. I found a video that explains this and other steps to fix your brewer. When I popped out the brew basket and separated it I was amazed at how dirty it was. It needs to get cleaned every once in a while. I can tell you that if you have never separated your brew basket you will be amazed at the film like coating that is in there.

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