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Tea Time

Why, oh why have none of you wonderful coffee people never bothered to clue me in about brewing iced tea with the single cups brewer systems? Had I known more about the ease of brewing iced tea, I would have not spent the last two years actively avoiding the purchase of single cup brewing machine. I was just so hyper-focused on the coffee aspect of the brewer that I never even thought about iced tea. Maybe it […]

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Tempest in a K Cup

After years of scoffing at the single cup brewers as inferior to the many brewing devices I already own (a French press, a grind and brew automatic drip, a siphon pot, and an espresso machine) I broke down and got a single cup brewing machine yesterday. It seemed like the logical choice after buying a Cuisinart Grind and Brew that had grinding problems right off the bat and needed to be exchanged twice in the span of […]

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