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Why, oh why have none of you wonderful coffee people never bothered to clue me in about brewing iced tea with the single cups brewer systems?

Had I known more about the ease of brewing iced tea, I would have not spent the last two years actively avoiding the purchase of single cup brewing machine. I was just so hyper-focused on the coffee aspect of the brewer that I never even thought about iced tea. Maybe it never occurred to me because I love iced tea but not hot tea and I guess I was just thinking about coffee and hot drinks.

This new discovery is a game changer for me.  I don’t drink soda or fruit juices. I only have milk in a latte. So, that pretty much leaves me with water as my cold drink of choice. Don’t get me wrong I love water and it’s good for me, but every now and again I want something flavored. But most drinks are too sugary for my taste.

Sometimes I’ll brew a pot of tea and ice it, but after several days in the fridge it just tastes old.  Now I can have a fresh (and refreshing) glass of iced tea anytime. I just change the brewing size to 6oz. and place a 16 oz. glass filled with ice under the spigot.

Of course, now I have to do some research on teas that are available. The fun part will be the taste testing.

And it’s all perfect timing since today is the hottest day of the year so far here in San Francisco and I could use some cool refreshment.



  • Vinny

    I guess I am the blame for not telling you about Ice tea huh. 🙂

  • lisa

    not blaming you vinny. but with all your vast knowledge of the keurig system you could have mentioned it. LOL

  • It is pretty wonderful. I’ve tried the sweet black and the half lemonade half iced tea so far. The sweet black is my favorite.

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