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Timothys K Cups Are Pretty Good

Timothys coffee K cups

This past week I have been trying some Timothy’s K Cups that I bought on Amazon last week. I ordered 2 boxes off 50 k cups because I was out of my normal breakfast blend and these were on sale so I made the leap. Although I was a bit skeptical to switch my morning coffee it was only for a short time while I tried these out.

I am quite happy with Timothy’s breakfast blend as they are very close to my normal Green Mountain breakfast blend that I usually drink. The flavor is a little different and if I had to say there was a difference, I would say that the Timothy’s brand is a little weaker and has a bit of an after taste. I am not complaining at all as the flavor is great.

Will I make the switch to these once I run out? I am not sure but if I can’t find my breakfast blend on sale I will get these instead. I don’t see much of a difference at all. If you like Green Mountain’s breakfast blend you will like these also.

Like I said above I found them on Amazon and they were almost 3/4 of what I normally pay for my coffee so if you want to save some money on your coffee I would order these.

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