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Wake Up and Smell the National Coffee Day Today

Guest Post by Leslie in Honor of National Coffee Day

Coffee is one of human beings favorite legal vices – they don’t call them coffee addicts for nothing! Coffee drinking is practically its own religion with Starbucks being the ultimate place of worship for most caffeine connoisseurs.

Coffee is the reason for most people to get up in the morning. To many coffee drinkers that first sip and first smell of coffee in the morning is like a booster shot. If you’re a serious coffee drinker your day does not get going until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

Coffee has been worshipped by many for a very long time – since the 15th century in fact. Coffee is derived from the coffee bean plant and has worldwide appeal. This energizing beverage gets its zing from caffeine and it is the caffeine that keeps you going.

Coffee beans are almost always roasted before being brewed. A cup of joe is the common way many people refer to this popular java jolt. Coffee is traditionally a hot drink but through the ages, or ice ages, iced coffees, iced lattes, iced mochachinos and cold coffee concoctions have become increasingly popular.

Coffee has not come without its share of controversy, sometimes it is heralded as a benefit to health and other times comes under attack for being not so healthy.

Some favorite hot coffee beverages include espresso, Turkish coffee, Irish coffee, latte, macchiato, cappuccino, cafe Americano and fresh brewed coffee.

Whether you percolate it, drip roast it, French press it, k-cup it, instant it or reheat it, you know exactly how you like your cup of coffee to be prepared and how you want it to taste.

So celebrate National Coffee Day by taking an extra coffee break, try a coffee you never tried before, try some coffee flavored food or dessert, share a coffee with a friend, buy a coffee for a co-worker. Pay hommage to the coffee bean and all its glory on this September 29th the National Day of Cafe.

Leslie N. loves coffee and likes to create cool tees for more foods and drinks people love including wine t-shirts and watermelon t-shirts.

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