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The world of coffee can be very complex unless you know about coffee. My name is Vinny but most of my friends call me “The Coffee Guru”. This comes from my vast knowledge of coffee blends and the way I can tell what type of coffee is which by the aroma. I am here to teach you all that I have learned over the years.

Use the navigation and select a topic. This site is made for your pleasure because a good coffee is like a fine wine. I want you to know all there is about coffee because the more you know the better the choices you make when you walk into a Starbucks or you are brewing coffee at home for the first time.

Our site features mostly K Cups and reviews of other coffees. I am a huge fan of the simplicity of the Keurig brewers and how there is no clean up after making a coffee.

I will also discuss new coffee products like grinders and such. We will have guest making some post and other features. Join our newsletter and keep up with us.

Buying coffee online is an game in itself. Sitting in front of your laptop, you throttle on such an ample variety of coffee types and flavors just in the blink of an eye. The online guideline offers you both with the common and the rare types of coffee that you might not have even heard of. Again you can be very choosy on categorizing your list. This is only possible when you have an access on a wide range of varieties and online coffee buying guide just makes this happen for you in this case. I want to be that guide!

Everything is categorized so that you are not raveled in finding out your queries. Now there may be sections on regular coffee, flavored coffee, decaffeinated coffee and espresso coffee and so on. Again these will be sub-categorized into ground coffee beans, whole coffee beans, coffee pods etc.

Consider you have clicked the mouse on “espresso coffee”. Within seconds you enter the world of espresso coffee, where you find out the types of espressos available in the market. To proceed in your site searching, you then hit the “ground espresso beans”. Here you enter the world of ground espresso brands popular in the world.

If you pick up one such brand, then you catch up with the coffee packs with their exact size, weight and price. For example if you enter “Bucks County Coffee Espresso Blend Ground Coffee”, you can find out that a one pound bag of this brand’s espresso flavored coffee will cost you $11.95 only. You can also check out other flavors of espresso coffee of the same brand when you click on more information on this brand. This part of the guide is predominantly informative.

Now you want to give an order of your preferred coffee online. What will you do? You have to select the “Buy Now” option or any such similar instruction to place your order. In a few days you will enjoy the coffee delivery right at your doorstep.